25 Jan - 2 Feb 2016

We are delighted to announce the dates for the 2016 Alpha Generator's Roadshow, now in its seventh consecutive year.

This winter, several fund managers from five of the industry's leading investment houses will be on the road again, touring the country to promote the benefits of active investment management in generating alpha.

The roadshow will run from Monday 25th January to Tuesday 2nd February, and will stop at the following locations - Guildford, Exeter, Bristol, Newmarket, Birmingham, Knutsford, Harrogate, Edinburgh and London.

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Attending this event will count towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Global Income: Is Japan the best dividend market in the world?

Date added: 02/11/15

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The Neptune Global Income Fund seeks exposure to the very best – and often overlooked – income opportunities from across the world, wherever they exist. Unconstrained by benchmarks, the Fund currently has 24% invested in Japan, differentiating the high conviction portfolio from many of its peers.

Watch Fund Manager George Boyd-Bowman discuss Japan’s renewed focus on shareholder returns and how he is exploiting this opportunity in the actively managed Global Income Fund.

In the video George discusses:

  • Abe’s explicit focus on shareholder returns and why this is leading to opportunities for global income investors
  • Why his 24% Japan weighting is focused on both multinationals and domestically-orientated stocks, offering diversification benefits
  • Valuations and a rising rate environment, which have led to a focus on growth orientated companies with an income bias rather than bond proxy stocks

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Investment Risks
This Fund may have a high volatility rating and forecasts/past performance are not a guide to future performance. The value of an investment and any income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and your clients may not get back the original amount invested. For details of further risks please see the Prospectus.

The material within this video is for information purposes only and is not a recommendation or advice to buy or sell investments. Neptune does not give investment advice and only provides information on Neptune products. Any forecasts, projections or targets are to provide you with an indication only and should not be relied upon. Views expressed in this video are Neptune’s as at date of issue and we do not undertake to advise you of any changes.

Dynamic Real Return: A straightforward approach to investing for positive total returns

Date added: 30/11/15

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The Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund, managed by Toby Nangle, Global Co-Head of Multi Asset & Head of Asset Allocation EMEA, is an unconstrained active asset allocation strategy. The Fund aims to produce a real return of inflation +4% per annum (defined as Consumer Price Inflation) over a three to five year period with two thirds the volatility of equities. It does this by dynamically asset allocating across and within a broad set of assets - taking advantage of opportunities when the sun is shining and hunkering down when dark clouds appear on the horizon.

The Fund does not have a “neutral” benchmark allocation – meaning Toby and the team are not required to hold any asset class – in other words they are responsible for every penny of total return.

In the below video, Toby is joined by some of the Multi Asset team - Alex Lyle, Head of Managed Funds, EMEA and Maya Bhandari, Director of Multi Asset Allocation. The team review the Fund’s unconstrained active strategy and explain how they have exceeded their targets.

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Key risks

Investment risk: The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the sum originally invested.
Investment in Funds: The Investment Policy allows the fund to invest principally in units of other collective investment schemes. Investors should consider the investment policy and asset composition in the underlying funds when assessing their portfolio exposure.
Currency risk: Where investments are made in assets that are denominated in multiple currencies, changes in exchange rates may affect the value of the investments.
Investor currency risk: Where investments in the fund are in currencies other than your own, changes in exchange rates may affect the value of your investments. No capital guarantee: Positive returns are not guaranteed and no form of capital protection applies.
Issuer risk: The fund invests in securities whose value would be significantly affected if the issuer either refused to pay or was unable to pay or perceived to be unable to pay.
Interest rate risk:
Changes in interest rates are likely to affect the fund’s value. In general, as interest rates rise, the price of a fixed rate bond will fall, and vice versa.
Valuation risk: The fund’s assets may sometimes be difficult to value objectively and the actual value may not be recognised until assets are sold.
Investment in derivatives risk: The Investment Policy of the fund allows it to invest materially in derivatives.
Volatility risk: The fund may exhibit significant price volatility.

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